DIY Wax Wraps

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Whether you’re looking for an activity to do with your kids or just wanting to embark on a fun creative zero waste journey to keep your food fresh then these DIY kits are for you.

This Make Your Own kit will give you three beautiful colourful wraps once made. All you need is a grater and an iron, everything else is provided, will full instructions included

50p from the sale of every pack is donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

🐝 What’s in the Box

✿ 3 prewashed 100% cotton squares (small, medium & large) with pinked (non fray) edges
✿ Beeswax brew blocks (Brew of beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil)
✿ 2 sheets of baking paper
✿ 1 application brush
✿ Reusable cardboard box
✿ Full instructions

Suitable for all ages. (children will need supervision)

Beecloth wraps are the planet-friendly reusable, simple alternative to clingfilm.

Perfect for wrapping cheese, bread, sandwiches, wraps, cut vegetables/fruit, snacks and covering bowls. Use the warmth of your hands to seal it around your food or bowls.

Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and water resistant – making these wraps perfect for keeping your food fresher for longer. They make a great eco-friendly gift for family or friends who are looking to start their plastic free journey and becoming zero waste. Ideal as a housewarming gift.

reusable ✿ eco-friendly ✿ breathable ✿ compostable


All sizes approximate

SMALL size 20x20cm
Great for small vegetables, snacks and covering smaller bowls and jars

MEDIUM size 25x25cm
Great for wrapping cheeses, vegetables and covering leftovers

LARGE size 33x33cm
Perfect for your larger sandwich or bowl, or try some wrapagami and make a pocket for your cherry tomatoes, leaves or snacks.


Beecloth is washable and reusable! Just rinse with cool water, use a mild soap and a dishcloth/sponge, rinse and air dry.

Wrap * wash * reuse


Our packaging is designed and printed by ourselves using locally sourced recycled card.
1st class post

We strive to be as planet friendly as possible by using recycled packaging where possible, sometimes locally sourced preloved (but hygienic!) boxes.

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