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Soap saver

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Pure undyed organic linen hand crochet bag. 

To keep your Aleppo soap in so that it can dry between uses and last longer.

The Soap Saver will provide gentle exfoliation when using it, helping to buff away dead skin cells & leave you with glowing skin.

Also excellent to put your small pieces of soap so not to waste it.

Machine wash 40 - 60 degrees

 Cotton v Linen

It takes around 10–20,000 litres of water to produce a kilo of cotton. Growing cotton uses 18% of pesticide 25% of total insecticide worldwide (Greenpeace)

Linen is made from the flax plant. Flax is incredibly easy to grow requiring very little water; most farmers let nature do the work. It is grown in Europe which cuts down on the energy footprint. Over the lifetime of a linen garment, it uses just under a quarter of the water that its cotton counterpart would. Not much eats it reducing the need for pesticides and most parts of the plant can be turned into something useful. (euronews)

Green Earth shop uses linen or recycled cotton