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Traditional Swedish multipurpose cleaner

Concentrated in gel form and packaged in biodegradable tub

Made by organic saponified linseed oil from a renewable source


Earth friendly


General Cleaning
Wooden/stone floors/car- 100 ml såpa into 5 litres cold water, wash the floor and then rinse with a wet cloth.

Blocked sink – use 50 –100 ml undiluted såpa. Leave for 1 hour then pour in a kettle of boiling water.

Cleaning the BBQ rack – cover half såpa half water. Leave overnight and then wash as usual.

Cleaning windows - 100 ml såpa into 5 litres cold water, wash the windows as usual.

Kitchen cleaning

Burnt on food in saucepan-1 tbsp. såpa and 2 cm water in the saucepan. Bring to the boil and let it stand over night. Wash as usual.

Cleaning the oven and trays- cover surfaces with 1 part såpa and 2 parts water. Heat the oven to 75 degrees. Let it cool and rinse with water and a cloth.

Stainless steel surfaces- spray with diluted såpa then wipe with a cloth.

Floor- 100 ml såpa into 5 litres cold  water, wash the floor and then wipe with a wet cloth.  

Tiles- mix the såpa and water in a spray flask. Spray on the tiles and leave for a while. Wipe off and the tiles will shine and the grout will be as new.

Toilet – use undiluted on a damp cloth. Leave for a while -wipe