earth friendly and hand made

Earth friendly and hand made

earth friendly and hand made

Earth Friendly and hand made

OUR ETHOS. Reducing plastic pollution.

No plastic is used in our products 

A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute and UK supermarkets produce 800,000 tonnes every year

When plastic breaks down it doesn’t disappear, it gets smaller creating tiny particles called microplastics which is impossible to filter from waste water, they end up in our oceans

We’re just beginning to realise the scale of the problem, but fortunately the answer is simple: make and use less plastic.

Extract from Greenpeace website

The problem with soya

This is something very close to our heart. No soya or palm oil is used in our products

Like palm oil the global food industry has become utterly reliant on soya. The size of the global meat and dairy industry has exploded and soya production has vastly increased to meet it. Huge tracts of the forests in South America have been lost at the hands of the expanding soya industry. To prevent catastrophic climate change and halt the ongoing extinction of our planet’s life, we need to stop the soya industry from devouring more forests.

Extract from Greenpeace website


Aleppo shampoo bar. 

"It's amazing. The dermatitis on my scalp is clearing up wonderfully!!!"

From Alana